Program Fatigue Design 2023

The program will cover the following topics, the various aspects of fatigue design:

– additive manufacturing,
– big data and artificial intelligence,
– bio-mechanical and orthopaedic implant,
– complex loadings,
– composites and elastomers,
– contact fatigue,
– damage tolerance and fatigue life, residual stress assessment,
– experimental and numerical design and validation methods,
– fatigue and manufacturing process (effect of microstructure, welding, residual stresses,…),
– fatigue in transmission system,
– fatigue of assemblies (mechanical, welded, adhesive-bonding, multimaterials,…),
– fatigue of shape memory alloys,
– fatigue under severe environmental conditions (H2, corrosion, low temperature,…),
– nonlinear behavior and cumulative damage,
– reliability–based approaches and probabilistic methods,
– thermal and thermo-mechanical fatigue,
– vibration fatigue.

Talk preparation

  • Presentation & questions : 30min (example : 20min+10min)
  • Poster presentation in front of the jury : 2min

Partenaires Cetim Fatigue Design